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Trekking in Ortles Cevedale

In Val di Peio the trekking, the Nordic walking or the simple easy walks through the forests with valleys nestled in the Stelvio National Park, which have maintained the natural habitat and wildlife preserved through time.

Val di Pejo is rich in hiking and mountaineering itineraries and is characterized by the presence of alpine lakes, landscapes and mountains ranging from 700 meters of the valley floor to the 3,700 meters of the highest peaks belonging to the Ortles-Cevedale mountain group located inside of the Stelvio National Park.

At altitude with Peio Funivie:

Reaching the splendid views at high altitude of the Val di Peio is within everyone's reach, thanks to the lifts of the Peio Funive company, which also operate during the summer season.

Check the time-table before leaving:
INFO: www.visitvaldipejo.it

Trekking with the Alpine Guides

If you want to know the most interesting and panoramic places and deepen your knowledge on the naturalistic and anthropic aspects of the mountain, you can contact the Alpine Guides, who thanks to their professionalism, friendliness and experience will make you live the mountain in an authentic way!

Piazza Regina Elena 17 – 38027 Male (TN)
TEL. 0463901151
MOB. 3478621573

Captain: Giulio Pretti 348 0005368
Vice Captain: Enrico Sonna 338-8621573

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